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no lion king quotes for this one.
just the tactile relief of when they get judith back, and everything starts being okay.

the happy family delusion continues

Rick and Daryl sleeping sprawled out in the same bed, when Judith scrambles in (on Daryl’s side) and pulls at him to wake him
and Daryl mumbles “your daughter’s awake” and Rick (without opening his eyes) grunts “before sunrise she’s your daughter” and holy shit it makes Daryl smile even half-asleep, so he rolls over and scoops her into his arms

the (much messier, much closer to 5 am) sequel to this
because after i drew it i realized

i also imagine (in this delirious happy-ending scenario) that Judith always wants her hair to look like Daryl’s. so when he cuts it, she wants hers cut; when his is long, she wants hers long; and when Rick does hers up in a ponytail, he has to do Daryl’s, too

I’m falling apart about tomorrow’s s4 finale so I drew some happy ending fan art
because i want nothing more than for Rick and Daryl to reunite and Judith to grow into toddlerhood with her daddies
lesbian button wips


[prompt text from frullama: Rick has never tried to flirt with a guy up before, so when he goes to woo Daryl the way he did Lori, Daryl gets really confused]

I’ve had this prompt for a fic drabble sitting in my inbox for a week or two, but i was struggling on the words so i lazysketched it out instead for the time being. i’ve never really attempted to draw either rick or daryl before and it;s not my usual style so excuse the messyness

hopefully I’ll write the ficlet for it soon enough but yeah i wanted to sketch it out yay

edit changed the layout yay again

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sketch lounge highlights from tonight

Yo. Sketch Lounge. Art, booze, jams. The Dunes. Tonight. Bring your sketchbook, beer money, and your game face. Do it.

con update for 2014!

unfortunately, as of the initial table assignments, I was not picked to be an artist at Katsucon QQ

but there is no need to despair! what are some other 2014 cons people think I should attend? I’m getting my apps in ASAP!

pastel genderfuck is my favorite everything