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I got tired of not being able to find an accurate-looking replica of Daryl’s wings that wasn’t plastered with logos and text and stuff, so this is (as I put it on the RedBubble page) “the classic character metaphor. No superfluous text distracting from them, and with the linework as closely mimicking the pattern of the stitching as I can.” It’s available on a dark gray and a black, on tees, scoop necks, “girly” tees, hoodies, tanks, and more. RedBubble gives you the option of putting the design on the front or back of the shirt, but honestly, why on earth would you put this on the front? I designed it to go on the back, so put it on the back, duh

So you can see an example of it in real life, here is what it looks like on the scoop neck, pictured on myself in an XL—>

(excuse my chubbs butts and bad hair wow!!)
buttttttttttt YEAH
I’ve been working on it for a bit and while there are a few details I wish I could be suPER PERSNICKITY ABOUT I’m generally really happy about it! and I thought other people might want the chance to buy a version of the Dixon Wings that aren’t covered in text and jazz. You can click the image or the link above to find it the shirts to buy. Enjoy it!
wip- I might experiment on watercolor with this one. Michiru in one of Haruka’s shirts.

bought some hella cute pins from someone really rad. 

OH MY GOSH ILU!!!!!!!!!


What a total blast Animazement was! I’m so glad that I went and I’m DEFINITELY going to try to hit it again next year!

I met a ton of awesome sexy people, talked a LOT about how Daryl Dixon is a massive homosexual, and sold a bunch of art! I can’t wait for the next con and I’ll post up some commission pictures and new work soon!

It’s been so hectic the past month I haven’t had a chance to formally say that I and the stupendously talented nikkimalig are going to be at Animazement this weekend! Our booths are noted as such on the map above so please stop by!
finished these! currently planning to put them on stickers for the cons i’m hitting this summer. anything else people might like them as?
Allie posted up the fabulous decora piece she did for AUSA 2014 so I decided to put mine up too!

This is among a few character illustrations I’m doing for AUSA this year. the theme is fashion so we all get to do whatever we want basically and it kind of rocks.

no lion king quotes for this one.
just the tactile relief of when they get judith back, and everything starts being okay.

the happy family delusion continues

Rick and Daryl sleeping sprawled out in the same bed, when Judith scrambles in (on Daryl’s side) and pulls at him to wake him
and Daryl mumbles “your daughter’s awake” and Rick (without opening his eyes) grunts “before sunrise she’s your daughter” and holy shit it makes Daryl smile even half-asleep, so he rolls over and scoops her into his arms

the (much messier, much closer to 5 am) sequel to this
because after i drew it i realized

i also imagine (in this delirious happy-ending scenario) that Judith always wants her hair to look like Daryl’s. so when he cuts it, she wants hers cut; when his is long, she wants hers long; and when Rick does hers up in a ponytail, he has to do Daryl’s, too